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MBC Squirrels Return to the Nest

Photo by Samantha Hancock

Editor’s Note: A Compilation Article by Mass Media Writing

After a long summer, it’s back to Mary Baldwin College and Gladys, our squirrely mascot.  Whether you’re a returning student, or arriving for the first time, everyone has different goals and anxieties regarding the beginning of the semester, from senior thesis aspirations to financial-aid woes.  And everyone has their own mountain to climb, particularly at MBC, which we all know really stands for “Mighty Big Calves,” due to all the hill-climbing.

Just deciding on which climb to attempt can seem very overwhelming at first.  College shapes the path of what you do in life, a difficult experience, particularly with just three measly cents saved from the summer, and another tuition bill glaring up from the counter.  Once that is sorted, academia replaces the glaring bill.  Senior theses, term papers, and classes where earning “A’s” seem impossible loom on the horizon.  The pressure to do well is high, and not just to do well—and to avoid the dreaded Freshmen Fifteen.  Time goes by faster than anyone can imagine.  Is it achievable, or is it just a dream?

Don’t bother pinching yourself—stranger things have happened.  Ways to calm your anxieties exist.  When your schedule seems overwhelming… pencil in study-time and resist the urge to procrastinate.  Use the resources available online, or in Grafton and ask the experts for help! That’s why professors have office-hours.

If all else fails, take a break and tackle the mountain again with fresh energy.  Even valiant warriors, like our soccer team,
need time to recover after the battle. It may be tough, and there may be some tears, but remember not to stress out too much.  There should be time in the 2012-13 school year for work, and time to go nuts with the squirrels!


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