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Apples in the SAC

Moriah Coleman and Susan Allen engage in a battle armed with our newspaper weapons.

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief

Wearing a cape made out of newspaper in 90% humidity is not easy, but standing out in a strange costume has never bothered me—particularly not for a cause as noble as the newspaper’s booth at the Apple Day carnival.

As our activity and fundraiser, the women of Campus Comments hosted “Picture in the Paper.” Carnival-goers could dress up in the fun, silly costume items we had made out of old newspapers.    They ranged from a newspaper chain boa to a bow and arrow set, to a fairy costume, complete with tie-on wings.  My cape and samurai hat ensemble served as sort of an advertisement for our endeavor. While everyone thought the idea was cute, and said some form of “what a great idea” when they saw us, very few actually stopped in.  The carnival did not lack for photography, so perhaps therein lay our problem.

A lot of time and energy went in to making the carnival booth ready, but we had enough fun getting it all together that none of us could mind the lack of photos taken too much.  We didn’t even mind almost getting busted for a weapons violation during the creation process—once our heart rates had relaxed.

“I thought this was how it would end,” Eboni DeCourte, class of 2013 laughed, after the officer revealed he was only kidding.

That said, you never know what those cardboard swords will do. Especially when they’ve been covered by yesterday’s issue of The Post. A few mock duels for pictures proved that the pen truly is mightier than the sword. I write that with apologies to the Fencing Club, whose serious demonstrations were a definite credit to the skills of the fencers.

They weren’t the only ones to keep up impressive energy and enthusiasm levels throughout the Apple Day carnival, despite the weather, although I’m sure the mechanical bull, a very popular attraction at this year’s carnival, did its part in that direction.  Everyone who managed to not get bucked off received an impressive round of cheers and applause from the assembled students.

The Zumba demonstration got even more attention and enthusiasm.  Something else that proved it would take more than a little rain to dampen the Boldly Baldwin women’s carnival spirit was the tie-dye table—the number of colorful hands can back that claim up easily, as well as the number of newly groovy shirts, socks, and whatever other items of clothing destined for such a makeover that will soon be appearing around campus.

All in all, even inside and in the SAC, this year’s Apple Day Carnival turned out to be one of the best in recent years.


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