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VWIL Assassins Strike Again

The spoils of victory… Cadet Kwaniqua Sheffey’s socks mark her number of successful targets during the Assassins game.

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief

They crouch in the bushes and lurk outside doorways, waiting for their targets—but wait!  She’s holding a sock?

At MBC, students in the VWIL program play the game “Assassins,” and a decorated sock does in fact serve as the weapon.  The name of each woman’s target lies hidden in her sock, which she decorates before beginning the hunt.  While buildings are considered safe and off-limits, the outdoors is fair game.  When struck by someone else’s sock, the would-be assassin is “killed” and forfeits her own sock and target to her killer.

Players received randomly-selected targets at the beginning of the game, played each day from 7a.m. -8p.m.  The friendly competition created by “Assassins” helps them learn each other’s names, described Corporal Tyla Stormes.  The game concludes when only three hunters remain.  They go unnamed, and unseen by the others in their gateway—a winning strategy, and Cadet Kwaniqua Sheffey, a winner, had over twenty socks to back her status.

Cadet Victoria Poss explained the victories, “It depends on how much you like the game… how intense you are.”

Like last year’s game, “Assassins” carried on for over a month before ending on Monday.  It started at noon on September 17th, and immediately the competition was strong.

“Survival is super intense,” Cadet Laurentia Tuff added, “A lot of people make bonds or pacts with the people who have their name, which can make the game easier or even a lot harder.”

Sheffey confirmed the statement, “There’s a lot of teamwork.”


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