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King Dorm Gets New Door After Crash

The door almost immediately following the accident.

Laura Wise

On Sunday, October 14, a student’s car crashed into the main door of King residence hall.

The accident was the result of bad weather and a steep street. The part of King Road that passes the dorm and turns up the hill towards the parking lot was slick with rain. Luckily, no one was hurt in the crash.

The road runs past Hilltop dorm, Rose Terrace and the Spencer Center/Wenger building, making it a main route for students living on or passing through that end of campus. However, its steep slope can be difficult to navigate even on foot in rainy or icy weather, and conditions can make it downright dangerous for cars.

Students living in King had to use the entrance on Academy Street for a day, but the broken door was soon replaced and a working substitute installed. The new door was unveiled just in time for Fall Break — as if the accident had never happened.

It could have been much worse. No one was hurt, but this event is a reminder that fall and winter weather are coming, bringing rain, snow, storms and slick and icy streets. Even the best driver can get in an accident due to bad weather. As we move into fall and winter, remember to stay alert and safe, whether walking or driving.


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