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Mouse Invades House

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief

The line of defense against our invader rests at the corner of my desk.

Living in a college dorm means that food is never really safe.  A sad fact of life.  However, finding the stash of Tootsie Rolls violated by something that gnaws with tiny little buck teeth should not.

“It might have been an M-O-U-S-E,” fretted my lovely roommate, Thing 1.

While we debated this possibility, something very small and brown with a furry tail darted under my desk.  I shrieked.


My other lovely roommate, Thing 2 leapt onto her elevated bed.  Really quite impressive.

While we waited from Monday night until Friday morning for a trap from Physical Plant, we took precautions against further food theft.  I threw away the rest of my 5lb. bag of Tootsie Rolls, wishing it a tearful farewell.

But it occurred to me to wonder why we are afraid of mice.  Why, for example, did I feel it necessary to wear boots with my pajamas while I worked at my desk after finding the little squeaker?

Well, I was afraid of Hanta virus.  But not everyone afraid of mice worries about that.

“They just give me the creeps,” some say.

Well, yes… they do jump out of nowhere and scurry around like they haven’t got spines.  Aside from that, they eat things like chocolate stashes and make nests out of mop-heads in refrigerators and stoves (another story).  Like all animals, they also leave little “presents” for the humans.

Good thing we have the trap.  As cute as Mickey, Stuart, and Jerry may be— I don’t want to share my living-space with their cousins.  Only squirrels may live at Mary Baldwin.  The mice should found their own college.


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