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Students Critique and Criticize Hunt

Visitors exit Hunt Dining Hall at lunchtime.

Editor’s Note: With Thanksgiving approaching, food is on a lot of people’s minds.  And not just the feast– this week MBC will host events to raise hunger awareness.  At least MBC keeps us well-fed… or does it?  Food remains a hot topic, particularly if it comes from a cafeteria, and every student has her own opinion.

1.In college, good food is hard to come by. In Mary Baldwin’s own Hunt Dining Hall some of the meals look more than a little questionable, but usually students can tell the good from the bad. One of the worst dishes ever created in Hunt was the unidentified casserole. This particular dish is a special type of scary. When you first see it, the dish deceives you into thinking it may be tasty. The top is covered by a thick layer of cheese guiding the students into thinking, “How bad could it be if it has cheese on top?” Unfortunately, the plate is not made better by the cheese. There are too many flavors in the dish, an odd consistency, and even weird crunchy parts. Through this horror, there are one or two good dishes. All students know that when the screen shows Macaroni and Cheese there is going to be a long line. This dish is one of the favorites of all the Baldwin Squirrels. The Macaroni and Cheese always has a crisped top with a gooey inside. The cheese is melted to a perfection that drives the taste buds insane. The only problem with the Macaroni and Cheese is that they never give enough.

— Sarah Brescia

2. Every residential college has a dining service. None of them are the same. Hunt Dining Hall at Mary Baldwin College is a unique at invaluable place to eat at, serving fairly traded and local food. It seems that the students complain about the food too much. It was said that some macaroni and cheese did not have enough seasoning. It was said that the scrambled eggs were nasty. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the food. They served the best sloppy joes on the planet made from local beef. The delicious eggs start out cage free. The seafood is recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and organization supporting conservation of our oceans. The fruits and vegetables are from local farms, meaning they were transported to MBC at a shorter distance, allowing the produce to keep its essential vitamins. The food here is respected and from a safe source. There are students who can’t wait to return to Hunt dining hall the next day.

— Danielle Mullen


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