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More Than a Counselor

Rather than hiding behind her desk, Mrs. Cammaroto ventures out and sits next to the student.

Sarah Brescia

Earl Gray and Breakfast might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Mrs. Laura Cammaroto sure is.

Cammaroto began her journey with an undergraduate degree in Geology, and a minor in Art. She decided to go back to graduate school for counseling because she loved talking to people. After she graduated, she started at Baldwin with an assistantship in the Sena Center. She fell in love with the students and the school and has stayed here ever since.

At Baldwin, she works as a career counselor where she listens to students over a broad range of topics. She can talk to a student about career choices, internships, higher education, and even sometimes simply about life. She helps lead the Career Academy gateway for freshmen, and frequently gives students first-year advice. She teaches, leads workshops, leads experiential group activities, and has personal one-to-one conversations.

This counselor enjoys being with her students the most. She revealed that she decided to move to career counseling because, “I liked talking to people. I liked hearing about what was going on in their lives. I liked listening to people.”

Cammaroto takes a very different approach to connecting with people. Rather than hiding behind her desk, she ventures out and sits next to the student. She thinks this allows her to create a stronger connection with the student.

She takes a friendly approach to career counseling so she can really take the time to connect with her students. She believes that, “People want to be heard, and listened to.”

In life, and work, she truly embodies this belief.

Her favorite way to connect with students revolves around a one-on-one environment. She also loves to facilitate a group setting where students help each other. Although she prefers being with just one student, Cammaroto thinks both are fulfilling and worthwhile.

She wants to challenge students to take risks. “I would want the students to take risks with each other. To get people out there and not be safe with their connections to people. They can be risky, and emotional, and honest.”

Her profession may not always be easy, but she decides to always have a cheery outlook. She likes to describe herself as, ““Easy to laugh, easy to cry, and I am accommodating in nature. I care about people.”

Even in her personal life, Cammaroto carries through all the beliefs that she holds dear. Not only is she married, but she has two wonderful dogs. She loves to hike, be outside, and enjoy food creations. She has learned to enjoy life for what it is. She likes to smile often and laugh more.

From connecting with her students, to getting her co-workers a surprise treat, to even being ready with a hug and a smile; she is ready to listen to any student.

Mrs. Cammaroto welcomes all students to visit her. Even if it is just for a smile and a friendly chat she asks students to, “Come on in and talk to me.”


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