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It’s Recyclemania!

News of the event greets visitors to Hunt Dining Hall.

News of the Green Team’s event greets visitors to Hunt Dining Hall.

Jennifer Jin, Staff Writer

The new decorations at Hunt made out of green and newspaper are hard to miss. Recyclemania, an international college recycling contest, began at Mary Baldwin on February 3, 2013.

Colleges across the US and Canada compete to raise their recycling-to-trash ratio to win recognition and awards. The Green Team at MBC plans several events to help raise awareness about Recyclemania and recycling in general. For instance, there is a dorm-wide competition looking at the rates of recycling per person living the dorm. While the Green Team has not decided on prizes yet, one possible award could be treating the winning dorm inhabitants to the Split Banana.

Currently, Mary Baldwin recycles about 10-20% of its trash, something that the Green Team plans to raise this year to 30%. To do this, dorm recycling coordinators are working to raise awareness, and the Green Team will launch recycling-related activities for Recyclemania.

Stay tuned for further information. The contest will end on March 31.

Interested in helping Recyclemania? Have ideas about events you’d like to see happen? Questions about the contest? Contact sauernl3274@mbc.edu!


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