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Fighting Squirrel FAQs: Club Money

This is not actually Campus Comments' whole budget.

This is not actually Campus Comments’ whole budget.

Katie Hurlock, Staff Writer

Mary Baldwin is home to a vast number of clubs, from political activist organizations to fine arts groups. Truly, the school has something for everyone. However different the clubs may be, many of them find themselves facing the same issue: uncertainty about allocations from the Student Activities Fund.

Most campus club leaders are well aware of the basic process. First, they complete a club budget at the beginning of the fall semester and submit it to the Student Government Association Treasurer, who, along with the Appropriations Committee, allocates funds for the year. Then, if the organization unexpectedly needs more money at some point, they must arrange an appointment with the Appeals Committee, who determines, based on necessity and cost, whether or not the group can have more money, along with how much.

However, procedures outside of this basic process can often be confusing, with much misleading information heard around campus, especially when it comes to whether or not to use one’s personal money for club activities. There are multiple alternatives to this. For instance, a club leader can request to use a Mary Baldwin credit card, available from club sponsors and/or the business office. Purchases made with these cards are tax-exempt, but they must be only college related items, nothing personal.

Another method of payment includes Requisitioning Funds, which can be used to pay outside parties that assist with club events, such as the DJ at a mixer. A staff member must fill out some information (including the club name, account number, and tax and/or social security information for the person being hired), which is then submitted to the business office. These should be submitted early, as it can take around two days to process.

Finally, if one absolutely must use personal funds for a club event, there is a way to be reimbursed. Simply submit the receipt to your club advisor, who will then fill out a requisitions form for you, and a check for the amount of money you spent will soon be in your campus mailbox. The reimbursement money will come from the club account. In addition, a copy of the receipt should be given to Erin Paschal in the Student Life Office.

Any further questions about club allocations can be submitted to the SGA Treasury, the Allocations Committee, or the Appeals Committee.


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