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Say it with Color, Not Snow

The biggest, most colorful part of the wall.

The biggest, most colorful part of the wall.

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief

The weekend of the 23rd saw a lot of Boldly Baldwin activity.  Prospective students and their families visited, and wellness walkers clocked in their mileage all around Staunton.  Students also decorated the school.

Say it with Color, the free speech/free art event kicked off at 1 p.m. Saturday with flowers, “MBC” in big bubble letters, and the class of ‘17’s first mark on the campus.  The opening also saw the only political message on the entire wall—“Health B4 Politics” in bright blue chalk.

Contributors, while eager to express themselves, were quite happy to simply beautify the college.

“Decorate my school?  Love it,” student Jasmine Lycurgus-Truitt exclaimed as she drew Vriska the Spider Troll from the “Homestuck” series: a character she cosplays.

Other students promoted their classes, or wrote inspirational messages to anyone who might read the wall.

Mari Washington wrote a favorite quote from Dr. Seuss, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

From a writer

From a writer

Campus Comments writer, Carolina Giraldo added a proverb, “The less people are willing to say and express, the less free they are.”

Getting into the fighting squirrel spirit, an entire prospective family wrote out the message (and title of upcoming children’s book), “Be Your Own Art!”

Upcoming book and inspirational message.

Upcoming book and inspirational message.

Students complied, and made a large amount of art.  MBC’s own Gladys became part of the wall when Jaelyn Brady selected a brown piece of chalk.  The wall’s highlight was undoubtedly another piece of artwork.  Sarah Webb selected several colors and created a spectacular 4 ft. tall, 5 ft. long dragon.  Bright green, with red eyes, it was the first thing most people noticed about the wall.

Completing it with her initials, she laughed, “I get to sign my work with ‘S.A.W.’ Who wouldn’t?”

At the end of Saturday, Say it with Color stretched over 50 ft, to be slightly lengthened on Sunday afternoon before cold temperatures, sleet, and snow, put an end to the event.  Inclement weather aside, participants enjoyed themselves, and expressed hope for another wall in the future.

“We should do this more often,” Rebeka Turner said as she wrote her message, “Don’t be afraid to express yourself.”

Largely, people were not, and when a similar event occurs in the future, it will likely take place around a less snowy date.


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