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2013 Brings More Changes to Hunt

Laura Wise

Students' breakfast in Hunt Dining Hall.

Students’ breakfast in Hunt Dining Hall.

One of the biggest things students like to complain about when they’re stressed, hungry, tired, or homesick is the dining hall. Fair or not, it’s an easy target to pick on, because it’s just never going to be like food back home. But over the past year, Hunt Dining Hall has been making big steps in a good direction in terms of service, food and atmosphere.

Last year, the school replaced rickety old chairs and tables in Hunt East with newer models. They also added tall tables and seats by the windows, and replaced the counters for a more modern, updated look. Different cereal options and a grilled cheese station also improved the dining atmosphere.

2013 brought more changes—small ones, but sometimes the smallest changes make a big difference. Hunt replaced the water dispensers with new, more efficient machines, started using a new brand of coffee, and began serving flavored water.

Unlike the flavored water in a bottle, the flavored water Hunt serves isn’t sweet and sugary and comes in a variety of unique flavors. They include cherry, prickly pear, pineapple, and lychee, but the best has been pomegranate. The flavors are mild, not meant to be overwhelming. It might even get students to drink more water and stay hydrated on the Mary Baldwin hills.

With the onset of cooler temperatures, hot coffee may be more desired.  Having undergone a major overhaul, with new dispensers, makers, and a brand, it provides a welcome way to chase away cold.  Unless hot chocolate is an alternative—students look forward to its return as a drink option.

Renovation of Hunt Dining Hall has been planned for years, but for now, it’s moving forward with small changes that still make a big difference to the fighting squirrels.


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