Almost Globalized

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief The weekend before MBC’s Apple Day festivities, the Campus Comments staff sat in a classroom in Academic, putting the website together.  Since then, it has received almost 1500 hits, mostly from the United States.  About 20 come from eight other countries, and three different continents. “They’re spammers,” people usually say. Possibly, but […]

Hidden Costs of Living in King

Laura Wise King Dorm is one of the nicest on campus—or it’s supposed to be. Exclusive to juniors and seniors, it has spacious rooms, private bathrooms, walk-in closets, and less crush than the underclassmen dorms. Its residents pay three hundred dollars extra a year for the privileges of privacy and space. But just like tuition […]

Students Critique and Criticize Hunt

Editor’s Note: With Thanksgiving approaching, food is on a lot of people’s minds.  And not just the feast– this week MBC will host events to raise hunger awareness.  At least MBC keeps us well-fed… or does it?  Food remains a hot topic, particularly if it comes from a cafeteria, and every student has her own […]