A Dark November Day

Emy Martin Halpert, MBC alumna The damp chill startled me as I rushed out of my dorm.  It was the Friday before Thanksgiving recess in my junior year at Mary Baldwin College, and I had a lot of work to finish before going home.  The walkways were empty as I raced down the steep steps […]

BSA Lends Their Voice

Olivia Samerdyke, editor-in-chief Over Columbus Day weekend in Virginia, 77 children went missing.  Around the country as a whole, the numbers go up into the hundreds.  When a child goes missing, often some media coverage follows to find them.  However, children from minority groups often go without equitable attention, from the media or otherwise.  On […]

VA Absentee Voting Begins

RICHMOND, VA – Absentee voting has started for the November 5, 2013 general election in all of Virginia’s 133 localities.  The State Board of Elections (SBE) reports that all of Virginia’s localities have met the deadlines to send absentee ballots to overseas and military voters within 45 days of the general election.  Virginia’s election officials have now […]

Don’t Mess With the Lady in Black

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief The mysterious lady in black figures into many genres, and always means trouble.  She knows what she wants, and never considers failure.  She rarely wants something noble, such as education for the young girls in her country.  But recently Pakistan released its first 3D-animated cartoon featuring a super heroine who uses her powers […]

Almost Globalized

Olivia Samerdyke, Editor-in-Chief The weekend before MBC’s Apple Day festivities, the Campus Comments staff sat in a classroom in Academic, putting the website together.  Since then, it has received almost 1500 hits, mostly from the United States.  About 20 come from eight other countries, and three different continents. “They’re spammers,” people usually say. Possibly, but […]

Photo Highlight: Spr-ummer?

Spring (or summer) has finally arrived, and the reptiles are out.  This garter snake was spotted sunning itself on New Street Monday afternoon, and no, they do not eat squirrels.

Photo Highlights: the International Festival

Cosmos International Club hosted its annual International Festival today in the SAC building from 1-4.  Students represented countries including, but not limited to India, the Philippines, Russia, Japan, Germany, China, and Korea.  The festival also included a performance by Baldwin Charm, who sang three Irish songs, as well as other musical acts performed by other students, […]

History Throughout the Year

Carolina Giraldo, Staff Writer Almost sixty years ago, 7-year-old Linda Brown walked a mile to her bus stop, crossing dangerous railroad tracks on a regular basis in order to attend her segregated elementary school.  There was a school closer to her home, but Linda was not allowed to enroll there because of her skin color. […]

Photo Highlight: Educational Bus

The educational bus parked in the SAC lot earlier this week to introduce students to what the network does– provide public access to the politcal process and to interview students for the upcoming First Ladies series.  Students interviewed were allowed to ask a question of any First Lady, or to speak for 15 seconds about […]